House of Content: Terms of Service

House of Content is committed to providing excellent service, which includes everything from the content we produce, to other monthly deliverables and Client services. We aim to ensure our content and services make a positive impact, communicate the Client brand in their authentic voice, support Client sales and marketing targets, whilst maintaining transparent communications and the highest service standards. This policy outlines our commitment to you, and in return, our preferred process for working with Clients to ensure we can consistently deliver the best quality service at all times.

All reference to Clauses are in connection with the House of Content Service Agreement: A legally binding document outlining what a Client can expect from the Company.

1.     Description of Services Provided (Deliverables)

The Company shall deliver the Services a Client requires, from the first (1st) day of the Month that this Agreement commences. Unless otherwise specified, this Rolling Monthly (RM) Content Services Agreements last for a minimum of three (3) months, from the commencement date. After that point, the Agreement automatically renews, thereby becoming a rolling monthly agreement, which can be terminated with 20 working days written notice. For more information, please see Clause 14 in the Terms & Conditions.

2.     Service Fees & Payment Policy

Fees are charged in line with current pricing policies. Fees are calculated based on the time involved in each Project, which includes, but is not limited to, strategy, research, writing, editing, image sourcing, publishing, outreach and working with Partners to deliver the Services each Client requires. Clients will always be informed of Fee changes, with twenty (20) working days notice.

All Content Services require a Deposit, up to 50% of the balance for the Project, or the first months worth of Content Services & Deliverables. The deposit must be paid with cleared funds before work can commence. An invoice is sent for payment of the balance once the work is complete and Client has received the Deliverables. Payment is due on or no later than the last working day of the Calendar month during which the work was produced.

Payment will be made using cleared funds from the Client to the Contractor, using a bank or electronic transfer, once an invoice has been issued. Payment details shall be set out in the Contractors invoices. The Client shall adhere to the payment terms on the invoice. The Contractor reserves the right to withhold any Materials until payment has been received. The Contractor may also exercise the right to charge interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 if not paid according to the terms of any relevant invoice and/or this Agreement.

3.     Deliverable Schedule

Once the Deposit has been paid in full, we dedicate time and skill to producing the Deliverables and Services outlined in the Agreement. Before work commences, a Deliverables Schedule is agreed, to ensure the Client receives the Content and Services they require in a timescale that supports their business objectives.

House of Content will always make all reasonable efforts to ensure Services and Deliverables are produced on a schedule that will ensure Clients receive maximum benefit from Content Services. We also do our best to prioritise all Client Projects according to the needs of each Client, thereby making all reasonable efforts to provide a high-quality Service.

Delays. House of Content makes all reasonable effort to Deliver Services and Produce Deliverables within the agreed timescales. We acknowledge, on the rare occasion, that delays can happen, if the Company is awaiting materials, information, feedback or sign-off from a Client. Unless otherwise specified or agreed, these delays will not stop invoices being sent for payment before the pre-agreed Project end date, or the end of the Calendar month, when payment is due. If, however, the delay has been caused by the Company, the invoice will be placed on hold until all Services and Deliverables have been received by the Client. We will always make all reasonable efforts to ensure a Client is aware of any possible delays in Service delivery.

4.     House of Content Service Guarantees

– Commitment to Quality. House of Content continues to pride itself on providing the highest-quality standards for Content Deliverables and Services. As a writing agency, we know that it can take several feedback rounds, in the first month or two of working together, to ensure your authentic voice and company message is reflected accurately in the content, copy and other deliverables. We are happy to provide content revisions up to two times, within twenty (20) working days of monthly or project-related content deliverables being ordered.

– Delivery time will be within the Schedule outlined in this Agreement and all applicable communications between the Company and Client. We ask that clients to maintain timely communications on their end, to help ensure we can maintain a quality Service delivery timescale. Please let us know immediately if at any time you are dissatisfied with any Content Deliverables; We are committed to maintaining high services standards; therefore feedback will enable us to make edits according to Client expectations.

– Original Work. House of Content guarantees that all work produced by our Writers Team is 100% original. As content producers, we take plagiarism and the protection of intellectual property very seriously. We maintain high standards for fact checking and sourcing material and references; therefore, please alert us anytime you are dissatisfied with the number of references or links in any piece of work. We test all pieces of work to ensure originality as per Google and AP writing and plagiarism guidelines.

5.     Writing & Refund Policy

All work is guaranteed within an agreed Deliverable Schedule. All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure this, or manage Client exceptions if there are going to be any delays.

– Edits. Included the cost of every Deliverable and Project is an allowance for up to two free revisions if requested within a twenty (20) working day timescale. This includes edits to correct for poor grammar, spelling mistakes, a misunderstanding of the topic or subject matter, a misalignment between content/copy and the brand message, or modifying sections to ensure a clearer, more authentic, tone of voice. We are unable to make edits beyond the twenty days after the content has been delivered.

Any edits that involve more work/time than stated above, or are outside of the twenty working day timescale, will cost a separate fee, starting at 25% of the order value of the Content Deliverable. We will invoice this separately, with payment due before further edits can commence.

– Refunds. No refunds can be issued unless a minimum of two revisions has been undertaken. We know that most of the time, a series of edits is all that is needed to deliver the content that a client will be happy with.

Every piece of work we produce involves time, care, research and management to ensure we deliver the content and copy Services a Client orders. For this reason, we are unable to offer refunds without a minimum of two revisions. If a Client is still dissatisfied, a Credit will be issued on the Account and a new piece of work – one that would involve the same amount of time and effort – will be produced for the Client.

6.     Copyright

For the avoidance of doubt, all intellectual property rights arising from any Materials and any related deliverables shall be owned by the Client, once payment has been made by the Client.

Once the final balance has been paid and has cleared in the Contractors bank account, all Materials are granted under exclusive licence to the Client across all territories, on all formats and for an unlimited amount of time. The Contractor retains the right to use the Materials or any portion of such for promotional purposes, only with written permission (this is as acceptable if sent electronically or in the form of a signed letter to the Contractors address) of the Client. For more information, please see Clause 11 in the Terms & Conditions.

7.     Client Approval Policy

The Client is responsible for approving all titles of copy or content in a reasonable timescale, and should be aware that any delays will cause a delay in the Company producing the Deliverables within the agreed Deliverable Schedule.

The Client is also wholly responsible for valid written confirmation and approval of the Project work or monthly Content Deliverables (e.g. copy, design, images, and other services). Approval and feedback must be given within twenty (20) Working Days of the Deliverables being sent to the Client by the Company. Once feedback has been provided, the Company will make up to two revisions within this 20 working day timeframe. Once this is complete, and the Client confirms receipt of the work, the Company is no longer responsible for any errors relating to the work or projects after the work has been accepted by the Client.

8.     Cancellations

Written notification is required, according to Clause 14, to cancel any project or rolling monthly Service Deliverables, which will result in the automatic sending of the final invoice. Payment is due to cover all remaining work in that month, or for the remainder of the project. Clients that pre-pay (book in advance a fixed amount of time or Service Deliverables) will not be issued refunds. The work will be delivered in a single batch, or will continue as requested until the agreed project completion date.

9.     Data Protection

The Company is committed to the protection of any and all personal and commercially sensitive information we collect whilst producing work and Service Deliverables for our Clients. Data is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998, which came into effect on 1 March 2000. Its purpose is to protect the rights and privacy of individuals and to ensure that personal data is not processed without their knowledge, and, wherever possible, is processed without their consent. The Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any other organisations or Contractors we work with take adequate measures to protect any and all personal and commercially sensitive information we provide them during the production of any work a Client orders.

Please contact us if you want to know what data we hold on yourself:

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