Dominic Tarn

Managing Director

Dominic Tarn is our Founder and Managing Director. He has a passion for words and business growth.

He went freelance as a professional writer in 2012, founding House of Content in 2014 as a boutique content crafting agency, working with over 100 startups, marketing agencies and small and medium businesses around the world.

Dominic relaunched House of Content in 2018, providing clients with a wider range of marketing services than ever before. He assembled a collaborative team of talented writers, creative and digital marketing professionals, giving clients the skills, experience and tools to get the results they need from marketing campaigns.

Before founding House of Content, he worked in the financial services sector, lived and worked in London, Canada and Bali, before coming home to the North East of England. He has a History BA (First-class) Honours from Teesside University and is alumni of University College London (UCL).

Gareth Hancock

senior content writer

Gareth Hancock is our Senior Content Writer. He enjoys writing words and seems to do it well, a lot of the time.

Starting as a freelance writer in 2011, Gareth took a job as a copywriter at a digital marketing agency in 2014 before returning to the wonderful world of freelancing in 2017 with the creation of his one-man, shed-based agency That. Content. Shed.

His experience in content creation for global businesses led him to House of Content where he is a valuable member of the team, producing content for clients across multiple industries.

Before becoming a words man for hire, Gareth had various “proper” jobs in his native Teesside that typically involved carrying heavy things. His success in writing is as a result of hard work, passion and a dedication to the craft. And probably a bit of luck.

As is the deal with bios, Gareth wrote this in the third person. It’s like he wasn’t even in the room.

Laura Maria Grierson

content writer

Laura is a talented Content Writer and Editor with experience in crafting content marketing, creative and non-fiction writing.

She holds an MA in Creative Writing and a BA in English Studies with Creative Writing, both from Teesside University, and has since been working to bring engaging and informative content across a wide range of international businesses.

Her creative fiction has been published in both the UK and the US.

Rose McLean

content writer

Rose is an undergraduate student at Newcastle University studying Journalism, Media and Culture.

During the second year of her degree, Rose secured a six-month internship at House of Content, assisting with marketing and content writing.

Once finding her feet within the company and after a successful period as an intern, Rose was offered a position as a Content Writer. Now, she crafts high-quality content marketing for our clients, adhering to individual briefs and house styles.

Studying within the realms of PR and written communications has enabled Rose to flourish in her current position, implementing journalistic and marketing techniques with ease.




Daniel Roe

Senior Strategy, Brand Voice & Web Design ConsultantConcision

Daniel Roe is the CEO of Concision, a business writing and message consultancy.

His background includes law, public speaking, writing and communication more generally.

He founded Concision in 2015. The team has since grown to 10, providing strategic consultancy, written content and graphic and web design.


Sarah Carlton

Brand & Graphics ConsultantKINSHIP

Sarah Carlton is a talented graphic, digital and print designer, and Creative Director at KINSHIP.

KINSHIP is a husband and wife design studio based in the North East of England. Sarah has always appreciated the importance of a brand and the printed materials that support them, so this is where our focus and passion lies.

We have always trusted Sarah with creative, branding and design-centric projects, since we started working on client projects in 2014. Clients love how Sarah always wants to make the world that little bit brighter, one project at a time. Let KINSHIP infuse your business brand with passion, colour and vibrancy.


Jonathan Corbett

PR & Media ConsultantJAC Media

Whether it’s creating a tailored PR & Digital Marketing campaign or managing a company’s brand online, MA News Journalism Graduate, Jon, is an expert at creating dynamic content that connects.

Before joining the world of marketing, Jon Co-founded the North East’s first video-centric arts and culture webzine, KYEO TV and was also the editor of the UK’s leading online publication for business, Bdaily. He is now the MD of JAC Media and spends much of his time raising the profile of Generator, Digital Union and numerous House of Content clients.


Alex Hill

Social Media ConsultantCambie + Co

Alex Hill is the Managing Director of Cambie + Co., our social media partner agency.

Cambie + Co. was founded when Alex decided to take a big, giant leap into the unknown waters of entrepreneurship. Before Cambie + Co., Alex was a dedicated academic working tirelessly to complete my A levels and score a spot in one of the UK’s top universities. She did exactly that, and in September 2016, Alex moved to York. Two months later, she handed in her ‘Discontinuation of Studies’ form and never looked back.

In between leaving university and founding Cambie + Co, Alex was working a number of part-time jobs and eventually landed a full-time job, with the aim of maybe finally finding her passion. It didn’t take long for her to realise that passion is social media marketing.

Cambie + Co. approaches social media in the same way that you approach your business: with clear goals and a plan. No two businesses are the same, so why should your social media be either? We get to know your business – from top to bottom, and the ins and outs – so that we can tailor your social media to your growth goals, your business requirements, and most importantly, your audience.


David Roberts

North America and Central & Eastern European Growth Consultant

David works with new clients in North America and Central & Eastern Europe, a region he is familiar with after spending a few years in the Peace Corps.

He is the founder and CEO of the international marketing and sales consulting business, The Other Side of the Tracks.  David has an International MBA from the University of South Carolina, Moore School of Business and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Kazakhstan 2002-2004).

It is his esteemed pleasure to be working with a variety of interesting startups from across the Baltics and Commonwealth of Independent States on their business development, marketing strategy, and American market entry strategies. David is also an expert on cryptocurrency, advising and supporting clients with ICO marketing campaigns.

He lives in Minnesota with his growing family. In his spare time, he volunteers by making animations on behalf of anti-human trafficking organizations.